Resadoze is a DVD sleep system. When you are comfortable and ready to sleep, play Resadoze in a standard DVD player. Once Resadoze has started, adjust the volume to your personal comfort level and go to sleep.


    The imagery and sound of Resdoze cycle at the same rate as your mind in deep sleep. By watching and listening to Resadoze your mind attunes to these frequencies and you fall asleep safely and naturally. Gradually Resadoze fades away while you continue to sleep. If you wake up simple play Resadoze again. Resadoze is safe and becomes more effective with continual use.


    Once you start using Resadoze to sleep naturally you can enjoy all of the benefits in life that healthy sleep has to offer. You can wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. You can improve your memory, mental focus, and live a longer healthier life. And you can avoid all the risks associated with sleeping pills such as feeling drowsy during the day, addiction, and an increased mortality rate. Play Resadoze, sleep naturally, and live you life to its fullest.

Residoze is not for people with epilepsy and should not be used while driving, or operating heavy machinery.