There are lots of CDs and DVDs out there claiming to help you sleep. The reason there are so many others out there is because of the abundance of stock footage, stock pictures, and stock music/sounds. All someone has to do is buy some relaxing sounds, buy the pictures, slap them together on a CD or DVD, and scribble the words "for sleep" on the front. Anyone can do that in an afternoon.

Resadoze has been developed after years of research. There is a big difference between relaxing and sleeping. If all you want to do is relax then please use one of theirs. They tend to emphasize how much they help you to relax. We try to emphasize that you should not to use Resadoze while driving or operating heavy machinery. We do this because Resadoze is designed to help you sleep, and while relaxing is usually a part of sleep, we created all of our content to help you sleep rather than just relax. Everything was developed, tested repeatedly, and refined to ensure its effectiveness. Then, and only then, was it was finalized on to Resadoze. This content is only available with Resadoze.

Occasionally the producers of other CDs and DVD go one step farther binaural beats or subliminal programming.

What they probably donít mention is that binaural beats require headphones (not just stereo) to work. So for those to be effective you have to be able to keep headphones on while sleeping, and without choking yourself with the wire to the headphones. We did not feel that would be effective or safe, so we did not use binaural beats.

Subliminal programming is something that should only be created by a trusted trained expert. For example, there are at least two things wrong with the subliminal statement "You do not have insomnia". One mistake will negate the effect and the other will create inverse effect. Then there is no way to be sure of the entire content of the CD or DVD. There could, (and have been) additional messages encouraging the user purchase more of their products or to recommend their products to their friends.

Resadoze does not use subliminal messaging. We feel that what you think should be up to you, and if you want safe healthy sleep we would like to help. No one needs lots of way to try to sleep; we need one good way that works. Resadoze is that one.

Residoze is not for people with epilepsy and should not be used while driving, or operating heavy machinery.