Who should use Resadoze?

    Anyone who has trouble going to sleep can use Resadoze. It is safe for children and adults alike. It is especially effective for those people who donít get to sleep at a regular time, such as those on shift work.

How long does it take to go to sleep?

    Resadoze becomes more effective with use. Therefore, the first couple of nights may take longer. Most people fall asleep within 10 minutes after a week of using Resadoze.

Can I wake up if needed?

    Unlike sleeping pills, a child crying can wake you. Resadoze works with the brain and allows for natural disturbances. And you wonít be fighting the drugs for the time that you need to take care of those occasional night time interruptions.

Do I have to watch Resadoze for it to work?

    No, Resadoze is effective by just listening to the sound. The images are for those people that tend to lie in bed and watch television until they go to sleep. And since Resadoze is designed to remain on all night no one has to get up in the middle of the night and turn off the television.

Why is Resadoze more expensive than over-the-counter sleeping pills?

    Over the counter sleep aids are consumed every night and their cost continues forever; Resadoze is designed to be used every night, but purchased only once. As long as you take reasonable care of the DVD and donít scratch it, it should last for several years. When compared to a single co-pay for sleeping pills, Resadoze is very inexpensive.

Will Resadoze play in a CD player?

    No, CD players do not have the controls necessary to provide the Resadoze effects, even if you simply listen while going to sleep.

What if I have trouble sleeping, but my spouse doesn't?

    Resadoze will not disturb the sleep of those people that are already asleep or fall asleep quickly. Most people fall asleep within a few minutes after starting it and then sleep through the remainder of the 45 minute cycle before the system goes quiet.

What if I wake up in the middle of the night?

    We have found that people wake up less while using Resadoze, however the system is designed to restart by simply pressing play on the DVD.

Residoze is not for people with epilepsy and should not be used while driving, or operating heavy machinery.