Everyone needs sleep and one way or another we will sleep. Unfortunately too many of us can't fall asleep when we want, or sleep as well as we should.

Until now there were only a few options for us to try to get the sleep we need... None of which are optimal solutions.
For example:

You could simply tough it out...   You could try sleeping pills...   You could try relaxation CDs/DVDs...
Tossing and turning in bed until you finally fall sleep. Slapping the snooze button until the very last minute. Then rushing to work and trying not to fall asleep on the clock, or worse, behind the wheel.

  Play Russian roulette with side effects. Pray you won't be addicted to them when they stop working. Then switch to a different pill and try again.

  They help you relax, if you love classical music, landscapes, and nature sounds. However they're not intended to help you fall asleep. At least you're relaxed while you lie awake.

Now there's Resadoze to help you get the sleep you need.

Unlike relaxation CDs and DVDs, Resadoze is designed specifically to help you sleep, not just relax. Resadoze is not guided meditation, pretty pictures, or random audio laced with subliminal programming. It's a revolutionary DVD that uses imagery and sound cycling at the same frequencies your brain does when you are in deep sleep. As you watch and listen to Resadoze, your mind acclimates to these frequencies and you get the natural, deep and healthy sleep you've been missing. After a while, Resadoze gradually fades away leaving you to sleep.

With sleeping pills you're out till they wear off. With Resadoze you can wake up when you want to. Use Resadoze as often as you like, it actually works better each time you use it.

Resadoze: The Every Night DVD.

Residoze is not for people with epilepsy and should not be used while driving, or operating heavy machinery.